Medical bridge

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Product introduction
The function column is a medical rescue auxiliary equipment.

1.With compact structure and saving  ground space.
2.The function column can be rotated angle 340°.
3.With medical gas on both sides of the column.
4. Multilayer medical instrument platform, IV pole.

Optional accessories
1. Net basket - Stainless steel net basket
2. We manufacturer and provide different standard of medical gas outlet: British Standard, American standard, German standard, French standard, Japanese Standard, etc.
3. Different standard of medical gas outlets & adapters: British standard, French standard, German standard, Diss, Ohmeda, Chemetron, and etc.
4. Inhalers - All kinds of oxygen inhalers (disposable, simple, external hanging, etc.)
5. Negative pressure regulating valve
6. Waste liquid collection device (external hanging type)
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