Medical bridge


SK-PT001 Single Arm Medical Bridge Ceiling Pendant

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Product introduction
The single arm medical bridge ceiling pendant, meeting the daily load-bearing requirements and using strong material, made of imported antibacterial plastic powder, ensuring the cleanliness of the operating environment. Its rich accessories matching various systems, greatly extending the clinical practicability.

Optional accessories
1. Net basket - Stainless steel net basket
2. We manufacturer and provide different standard of medical gas outlet: British Standard, American standard, German standard, French standard, Japanese Standard, etc.
3. Different standard of medical gas outlets & adapters: British standard, French standard, German standard, Diss, Ohmeda, Chemetron, and etc.
4. Inhalers - All kinds of oxygen inhalers (disposable, simple, external hanging, etc.)
5. Negative pressure regulating valve
6. Waste liquid collection device (external hanging type)

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