Bed side cabinet

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Important Quality Control
* Aluminum alloy frame, stable and firm, the frame has a swallow tail groove, which can add the hanging edges and accessories.
* Table body is made of phenolic compact board with rounding treatment, anti-acid, anti-alkali, waterproof and anti-seepage, easy to clean and flame retardant for 4 hours. 
* A drawer, a cabinet. a storage open case in the middle. The handle is made of aluminum alloy with surface anodized, which is firm, rust-proof and easy to clean.
* The sliding track adopts silent damping track, which can effectively prevent the drawer from sliding out in the course of moving the cart. 
* With a writing table which can be folded and height adjustable.
* The writing table is manual adjusted, made of aluminum alloy, smooth height adjustment when single hand operated.
* High quality medical silent casters, 3 inch , anti-static electricity, protect the ground, waterproof and anti-bacteria.

Technical parameters
Size (LxWxH) 510*480*750mm

Technical configuration
Castor 4pcs
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